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Maney International Idealease is proud to offer its customers transportation solutions to meet their needs.
Come in and visit with one of our Idealease professionals today!

•A wide variety of lease or rental options on a multi-line of vehicles
•Daily, weekly, monthly or long term rentals available- depending on your needs
•Full service leasing, long or short term rental and maintenance contracts available
•Equipment or lease includes straight trucks with 26' lift gates, sleepers and day cabs

Idealease Full Service Lease

Includes any or all of these services:
•A new truck to exactly meet your needs
•Vehicle maintenance IDEALNET - 24 hour emergency break down service
•IDEALFUEL - A cost - competitive fuel program
•Tires and tire replacement
•Priority service at designated service facilities
•Driver safety program
•Fuel tax report
•Fuel permits at cost
•Rental vehicles at reduced rates
•Vehicle washing
•Transportation and safety program
•Painting and lettering

Idealease Rental Fleet

•For peek demand periods
•For emergency deliveries
•To meet your need - Daily, Weekly, or Longer
•When your regular unit is down for repairs
•Locally or nationally
•Similarly Equipped Vehicles
•Keeps your product on the move

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